"Dear Nancy- I am writing to thank you for persuading me to pursue my reinstatement of my LTC insurance. After over 4 months of endless calls, letters, documentation and anguish, I was just reinstated! I really considered giving up the fight several times, but your advice was always in the back of my mind and I kept on.  Thanks again for all your help.      Fondly, Lydia"


"Nancy was very thorough during the interview with me as her client. She also took care of handling a payment for me while I was out of state, and I thought my payment would be late." - D. Oksner


"Nancy Levin is one of Southern California's most knowledgeable and professional long-term care insurance experts. Combine her know-how with her no-pressure approach to discussing the issue and your options, and you'll be very glad you gave her a call."
- Jesse Slome, Executive Director, American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance


"Nancy is one of the most knowledgeable long term care specialist I've ever met. She has been a beacon for me sharing her knowledge and unparalleled advice in the long term care field. Nancy has an eye for detail and has an innate ability understanding her clients to be able to provide the best solution tailored specifically to their needs." - S. Cooper


"Nancy, you were a big help to my husband, Bill, and me with our health insurance plans." - G. Cates


"Nancy is and has always been one of the Nations leading experts in LTC planning. She is detail oriented and makes recommendations based on true client needs." - L. Eizenberg, LTCP


"Nancy contacted me  I was shopping for insurance to replace a plan already in place.  She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She pulls no punches: tells it like it is.  I appreciate that.  She researched and pondered over the weekend and contacted me the next week with her recommendation.  Her common sense conversations with me and her genuine interest in helping, led me to agree with her recommendation.  I really think this is the lady to go to for insurance needs." - Nick K, Ohio